Corporate classes & events


The Corporate Classes - bringing yoga and meditation to the workplace provides many benefits

Are you in charge of Human Resources? Do you want to develop wellbeing at the workplace?


Do you want to give your employees the opportunity to access a calm, unwinding practice?


Are you a member of an animation committee that wants to offer an activity that relaxes and breaks the weekly routine?


Whoever you are, we can work together to develop options and create personalized content (Yoga & Meditation) adapted to your participants, the context of practice, the schedule, premises etc...


It is very easy and simple to implement and it will make a positive impact within the company.


Events in relation to Well-being, Sports, Relaxation, Healthy lifestyle

Do you want to animate a place or an event, strengthen group cohesion (in a collective activity), offer a moment of relaxation and create joy through developing the connection to yourself and others?

Organic Flow
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Yoga at work

Enjoy a nice relaxation for your lunch break