My first interview in a woman magazine :)

May 4, 2017



The interview has been released this month! This article presents several women portraits : 

we all have in common the fact of having left our career and our comfortable life to work in the well-being sector. 



















So I answered questions to explain my career, what felt wrong in my previous busy life, how I changed of career and started again for YOGA ...


Obviously like any interview, some parts were cut, others kept ... And in the end, the interview is fairly concise: it gives an overview of the changes I have made those recent years. I wanted to emphasize that it was and still is not an easy choice every day, even though the life of a yoga teacher can be seen as easy from the outside... and it concludes with this "magic sentence" that I follow my dreams rather than my fears...(fears that I learn to watch and try to tame every day, because they didn't disappear with a blow of magic wand!) 

"We are all one and we are all eternal students" will have said one of my favorite teachers! 


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