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For the love of Vinyasa flow!


Vinyasa class is a dynamic practice working the whole body: flexibility, strength, balance and coordination with the breath. After practice you leave with a feeling of mental clarity thanks to the concentration that is established during the class. It also gives a feeling of relaxation thanks to the body-breath work. It is a comprehensive class which is good for both body and spirit.


Gentle Yoga is inspired by the same practice but it is softer, slower, and accessible to all levels. Therefore it is ideal for beginners or people who want a soft, gentle practice.

I adjust my classes to my students, according to what I observe: a Vinyasa Class can turn into a more softer class if I feel that it's what they need in that moment. 




The group classes take place in Organic Flow Studio located in Campo de Ourique, just above Estrela Park, 10 mns walk from Rato Metro station :

- Studio Organic Flow, Rua Almeida e Sousa, 3, last floor. 

Introduction Group Classes


PRE BOOKING via Whatsapp mandatory 


10:15 - Senior Gentle Hatha Yoga (in French&Portuguese*) - this class is full

12:15 - Organic Vinyasa Flow


09:00 - Organic Vinyasa Flow

17:30 - Yoga pour ADOS (en français / in french)** - From 4 students/ 26th of September 

18:45 - Series Yoga : "Basics of Vinyasa" - From 2nd of October


09:00 - Organic Vinyasa Yoga

10:15 - Senior Gentle Hatha Yoga (in French*& Portuguese) - this class is full

Saturday / once per Month starting in October.

10:00 - Organic Vinyasa Yoga Community Classe

Like "Organic Flow" Facebook page to know more about events during w-ends


Prices Options

Prices options for my classes


Prices include the yoga material (mats, blocks, belts)

I care about the hygiene, comfort and cleanliness of the spaces dedicated to the Yoga practice.

The classes are taught in small group, so I do all we can to offer you the best conditions of practice.


  • Drop-in class: 15 euros (single class)

  • Pass 5 classes: 55 euros until end of September / 60 euros after

This Pass offers flexibility and a better price: come whenever you like  during the validity of your pass.

Validity 8 weeks from the day of the 1st class (of course, closing weeks are not included in the validity time).

Non refundable, not cessible, but you can invite one person of your choice once, on your pass. 


  • Monthly pass: 1 class for 45 euros or 2 classes per week for 65 euros*

Starting at the begin of each month. Those options offer the best prices!

Prices based on a 4 weeks month. When there is just 3 weeks, prices will be reduced accordingly

Non refundable, not cessible, but you can transfer one of your class to a friend if you miss a class. 

  • Series: cycle of 4 classes for 45 euros

Series exploring a specific theme: Tuesday 2nd ofOctober - until 24 of October: Yoga & Vinyasa Basics. 

  • Yoga for ADO 

**Specific pricing : From Tuesday 26th of Sept -> until 20 of October (Vacances de la Toussaint) or Christmas holidays. See the section "NEWS" for details

NO CLASS: Bank Holidays and some additional holidays 

If there is some classes cancelled, it will be taken in account on the validity of the Pass & class will be replaced by another one, offering you options.

Closing Week holidays will be announced ahead: 28 of October to 5th of November 2023 - 22 of December to 7th of January 2024. Bank Holidays: 5th of October, 1st of December, 8 of December,

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