Live better

Feeling Good, Happy, "Whole", Alive...

YOGA, this "path" of balance helps to develop this daily well-being.

Everyone comes to yoga for a specific reason (sleeping better, finding back or develop flexibility, strength, focus, reducing stress...) but yoga brings to all of us positives effects that go well beyond physical benefits

and brings a deeper feeling of well-being.

 Yoga classes or meditation, in group or in private, with skype, for a personal event or for corporate, there are numerous possibilities to discover yoga and to integrate yoga and meditation a bit more in our daily life.  


About me


I am a “Yoga Alliance” certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher with over 800 hours of training under my belt. During my trainings and travels, I’ve had the joy of teaching in Bali, Sardinia, Paris and currently: Lisbon.

I teach different types of yoga:

  • a dynamic Vinyasa Flow: a fluid practice, from one pose to another.

  • a Gentle Flow similar to Hatha Flow, softer and more static at times,

  • a relaxing yoga, originated from yogatherapy, very similar to Yin Yoga,

  • a prenatal yoga for pregnant women according to the 'B. of Gasquet' method.


My classes are designed for the beginners to the more advanced students:

Are you are looking to gain a better connection with your body, to breathe deeper and softer or to develop your strength, flexibility and stability in all postures?


If you are more advanced, then the practice becomes more intense: strength, balance, postures on hands... but always soft even in effort, developing fluidity even in transitions and subtle awareness to body and breathing.

Whether in a private or semi-private class, I adapt the class according to what you need and what you are looking to develop.

Beyond technical knowledge, I develop through my classes and my relationships with students: trust, kindness and caring, and I give special attention to each individual.


I designed the Studio in Santos to reflect these intentions: balance, softness, serenity and simplicity.


When I invested myself more deeply into the practice of Yoga, my vision of what is possible changed. It gave me the means to change my life, leaving Paris and my career in advertising.


This is what I would like to share with you in my classes: Yoga is a way to discover yourself, to accept who you are and build self-confidence.


Contact me

Organic Flow Living
Tel. +351 96 170 14 25
Organic Flow
Tel. +351 96 170 14 25

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